No Amount of Time



Magnus leaned forward and he kissed her again, pushing her back down onto the bed as he straddled her again. 

Magnus was leaving Stockholm, but he didn’t want leave without a sack full of memories to take with him. He was kissing her and moaning against her as he pulled off his shirt for the second time since they had seen each other again. 

He flipped her so that she was on top and her robe opened on top of him. 

"What about you? You became a famous writer yet?"

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No Amount of Time



Magnus left the apartment feeling worse than he had in the start of the day. He had no idea why. Okay, so he knew why. But he didn’t want to admit it. He walked down and away from her apartment,he walked straight to Ansgar’s place though it was a very long distance away and he got upstairs and into his temporary bedroom. 

He was angry, he was furious. 

She had kept his shirt, she had kept his shirt this whole time, she had… Like he was coming back, like he was still that same boy. It infuriated him, it made him angry. Why was she holding onto something like that? DIdn’t she understand why he had left. He didn’t want her holding onto him, he had wanted her to move on, to live her life and forget about him. But she still had his shirt.


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No Amount of Time



He was moving.

God dammit he was moving.

Finally Magnus Martinsson was moving out of his shitty little apartment in Malmo to a shitty slightly-bigger apartment in Ystad.

He had been to Ystad before, he had finished his last six months there and he had already helped with a case for the department there, he was the youngest there and a lot of them questioned why he hadn’t stayed in Malmo or moved to Stockholm or back home, the money would be better than Ystad, but Magnus couldn’t tell them.

Magnus could say that at this point he was happy. 

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((I cry, every time I read it.  I have no idea how I wrote it with Halma.))

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"She’s sleeping."

"And where were you sleeping last night?”

He felt his pulse drop at hearing that, at hearing the tone of voice and he knew that whatever he said, or didn’t say, was not going to go down well for him. 

"Th… the camp site flooded, we… we had to come here…"

Her father stepped out of the car and narrowed his eyes at Magnus.  “You could have driven home…” he slammed the car door behind him.

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22 (nsfw)

He tasted like fresh cooked fish and beer and strangely, to Rebecka, it was wonderful.

She took a very quick shower, only a few minutes not washing her hair.  When she came out she was dressed in sleeping clothes and she had her shoes back on.  Magnus wasn’t out yet and she walked around the cabin, looking at the furniture, little that there was.

She threw her towel over her shoulder and plopped down onto the edge of the bed.  “Not bad…” she said as she bounced on the nice firm mattress.

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21 (nsfw-ish)

She should have pulled away, let the kiss be just a kiss…but she didn’t.

Her lips moved on his, her tongue moving to caress his, her fingertips all the while on his strong jaw as he held her in the warmth inside the tent.

Magnus moved his hand on her jaw, holding her softly against his face. He had expected her to pull away, to move away from him but she kept on kissing him, making him breath in deeply as they kissed. 

His fingers tangled in her hair and he nuzzled her nose with his own.

"Is this how you usually ‘nap’?" he asked her with a smile on his face, and he leaned forward again and pressed his lips against hers, closing his eyes and pulling at her lips with his teeth. 

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Magnus had finished packing the food, packing enough of the lunch in case they didn’t catch anything for dinner and they would just eat leftovers. 

Rebecka told him that she had left one more bag upstairs when he ran into Ansgar and he stopped when he heard his words, when he saw him chuckle and Magnus opened his mouth to argue, but his brother gave him a knowing look.

Better to be prepared than to not be.

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Fic Rec




I spent the last two days reading the epic novel, that is ‘Worth a Thousand Words' by detektivmartinsson and rebeckalindahl

It is about Magnus Martinsson and Rebecka Lindahl, who first find themselves entangled in a journalist scandal, that sees Magnus exposed, and then see their lives threatened. This leads to them having to hide in a little house at a lake, that Magnus has exactly for those times. Rebecka has to trust Magnus and he has to protect the woman, who is somehow responsible for the mess, they find themselves in.

I really love the world-building in the stories. It is more about the characters and how they see the world and how they feel about the things happening around them than just action. I just want to curl up on my couch with a cup of tea and follow whatever they do. (Maybe while eating a cinnamon bun, though I don’t even like cinnamon. ;))

The stories the both of them write are really outstanding and you’ll always find something, whether you just want to read a short one-shot (I highly recommend their two-part drabbles) or novel length RP’s.

You can find many of their stories at neverthesamelove. There aren’t only stories between Magnus Martinsson and Rebecka Lindahl, but also with other OC’s (I love the Maria-stories) and completely different stories by iamstillnotsorry. (e.g. Tom ones.) Just check out the masterlist.

It’s sadly impossible to keep track of all of their writings, but whenever I’m feeling down I’ll find something sweet there to cheer me up. Thank you to both of you!


Wow, I didn’t expect for this to come up on my dashboard. Um… as for the keeping track of the writings, at the moment we’re both trying to collate the stories between Rebecka and Magnus and they’re at this compilations page (as well as other oc’s so feel free to go have a look. 


Seriously, thank you for this.  To hear that you enjoy the stories enough to write something about it makes me beyond happy. I get to write almost everyday with my favorite person (Halma) and the icing on the cake is that lovely people like you read them and invest in their world…

Thank you my friend, thank you.










I’m on my phone, and @tangledreverie who tumblr is not going to allow me to tag) would like fan fiction author recommendations.

Aaaaaaaaand GO!!

notsomolly, larouau12, tarrysmith, neverthesamelove,

Aw, thank you darling coy00koi

But of course I’d have to recommend the following too:

@tangledreverie, it’s still not letting me tag you, but I’m following you now, so if you somehow can see this post, there are some good writers mentioned here (and I’m honored to be included among them squeeeee!).


here’s some of my all time go-to list:

thank you for the recommendation :)

i miss you, shane! you were one of the 1st blogs i discovered & followed. i hope you’re doing well, honey. xo

Thank you so much…I am feeling soooo much love this morning!!!  I better get on adding more stories huh?!  Thank you so much for reading! ♥

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Rebecka smiled a nervous smile up at his mother, now that she was alone in the room with her.  She thought about thanking her again for letting her stay, he thought about telling her what a good cook Magnus was, but that would be stupid.  Of course his mother knew Magnus was a brilliant cook.

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Before Sunrise




A/N-Here is a little two part drabble. You know what to do.

Magnus felt the air grow chill on his body as he woke. The light was still dim, it wasn’t yet sunrise.  He inhaled a deep breath and opened his eyes, seeing Rebecka sitting up in the bed next to him, though further down toward the end of the bed and she had all the covers wrapped around her, leaving him naked and freezing cold.

He could see her bare back and he could see that her legs were pulled up in front of her.  She was looking out the wall of glass directly in front of them, at the dark wide open sea that spread out before them.

They had only been asleep for a few hours, and usually Rebecka was asleep until long after the sun came up.

Magnus blinked and reached out for her smooth back.

She had woken up only a small while ago, she had watched Magnus but then she had become distracted by the look of the sea before them. It was calm but she knew that at a moments notice it could turn harsh and cold and dangerous. She turned to Magnus as she felt him waking up and she sighed at the water.

It was sort of like them.

It reminded her of him, of his work, what he did. They could be at home, doing the most normal thing in the world, and then his phone would ring and he’d be rushing away from her. And she’d watch him go, she’d let him go and she’d be fine for a moment, she’d be fine for a while, but when he didn’t come back after ten minutes, when it was nearly an hour, she’d sit and look at the door and wonder if her last memory of him would be his back as he rushed to the door. 

'Bec?' Magnus asked as he touched her back, and she shifted on the bed and wiped the tears that had fallen down her face. 

He was kissing her neck, holding her back and she was reaching up and scratching his scalp, his hair through her fingers and she closed her eyes and tried to keep this memory. 

She wanted to keep it forever. 

Just her and him and the sea, calm and beautiful. No work, no fears, nobody telling them to rush out or that they had work to do.

'Magnus?' she said quietly, and he murmured against her, 'Magnus… will you dance with me?'

He paused, just a moment and he was taking her hand and pulling her up and she was smiling at the fact that he was naked and cold and she wrapped her bed sheets around his waist. He held them up as he held her, close to his chest, their bodies naked under the white fabric, she rested her head against his chest, and his fingers tangled in her hair as he hummed a tune for them to dance to.


This was perfect. 

This was what she would remember, instead of his back rushing out of the door, she would remember his skin and his smell and his strength and his warmth. 


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“He’s bringing me over my things in the morning.  They are all sleeping now and he says they will be fine… I’m sleeping on the sofa Magnus, please don’t fight with me.  I can’t put anyone out of their bed or their room.  Please…” she begged as she came forward to him and took his hand in hers.

He smiled as he took his hands in hers.

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You know what I wish for….more Magnus fanfics…because he is a cop, just imagine all the great possibilities for stories…especially angsty ones and I do love angsty stories…

We all need some more Magnus fics. :)


And you do know that a major source of wonderful Magnus angst is the drabbles and roleplays of detektivmartinsson? Yes, yes it is. And it’s amazing, lennongirl44. AMAZING. x

detektivmartinsson is my favorite… go and read, ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!

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"Miss Ren has had a bit of a fall so I might go over to see her," she said, and she seemed to be hesitant to leave Magnus and Rebecka alone, she knew, of course that her boys were… well, they were growing up to be men and she’d be stupid to think they weren’t doing things that men and women did, but she was more hesitant about Rebecka. 

"It’s alright mum," Magnus said as he put Rebecka down, "We were going to order pizzas and watch movies, has Sgar come back yet?"

"Not yet," she said as she took out some money and handed it to Magnus, "Order an extra one for him will you? I’ll be home as soon as I can."

Magnus smiled and waved his mother goodbye and he looked over at Rebecka.

"So… what’s your favourite pizza topping?"

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zhora-salome whispered:
Your story with young Magnus and Rebeca is so cute. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Awwww!  Thank you!  It was so much fun to write!  And writing with detektivmartinsson is the best!  

More to come. Thank you for reading!