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Thank you detektivmartinsson for the asks!!! You are the best!

  1. When did you first start writing?

 I started writing in earnest when I was 14.  Writing had always made me nervous, I never felt like I had enough to say,or that what I had to say was interesting, but after my father died I needed something to help me get all that was inside me out.  I wrote poetry first.  I had several poems published in compilations of poetry about grief.  Then because of terrible nightmares, I started to document my dreams and that turned into writing stories.  I would take an element in the dream (mostly nightmares) and write a story around it.

 Interestingly, the more I wrote the better I felt, so I continued.  I never showed most of it to anyone (I wasn’t very happy when my mother submitted my poetry to be published but she was proud of me and it was important to let her be in that moment.  It was also a bit anonymous, no one I knew other than my family ever saw them.).  I also found that the more I wrote, the more I had to say.  By the time I was in college I was no longer worried about not being able to write a 3 page paper, I was however worried about how to stop writing when the question had been answered…

 : )

3.Are you an avid reader?

Not as much as I would like, not as much as I have been in my life.  I am pretty busy with work and family and then writing as my hobby and I have a hard time sitting down and putting everything out of my mind to focus on a book.  I want to try audio books, because recently sometimes I have some time but I just can’t force myself to read.  And I have always loved it when someone reads to me.  My husband(he is an avid reader) used to read to me all the time before we went to sleep.  It didn’t matter what he was reading, the sound of his voice was just lovely as I fell asleep.

5.  Did you take writing courses in school/college?

Yep, every writing course they offered!  Along with every art history course and every acting course.

8.  What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

“The only critique that matters is from people who understand the craft of writing.  Everyone will have an opinion and a lot of people will be willing to share those with you.  Some will be good, some not.  But someone who has never crafted a story in their own mind and had the courage to set it to paper and leave themselves vulnerable, whether they are complimentary or not, doesn’t truly understand.  Example, I am not a painter.  I can look at a painting. I can admire the brushstrokes and the color choices and the subject and the execution, but I have no idea how any of it happened.  So my opinion remains my own and should have no impact on the artist who created the work.” C Foster (my favorite writing teacher in college…and he was so gorgeous!!)

It has been a constant struggle to heed that feedback, most often with the negative.  Somehow the negative seems to take root, where the positive stays on the surface.  That probably has more to do with my own inner voice than anything else. 

That being said, personally, it is lovely to hear that people enjoy my stories and that they have taken them out of their lives for even a small moment.  I love that!

9.  What’s the worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?

*laughing*  You always read my mind.  Just yesterday I had a very well-meaning person tell me that they enjoyed my stories, my writing, my style…but *insert name of another writer here on tumblr*’s stories are better. 

It’s okay.  I accepted years ago that my style and aesthetic is not for everyone, but even more years ago it may have crippled me and made me withdraw. The thing about getting older is you just learn that most people don’t try to be mean and don’t understand the impact of their words, how that would wound someone to hear.

What I write is important to me, far more so than what someone else writes.  It is a very personal thing.  And it’s not a comptetion.  The other writer that I was compared to on here is a friend of mine and I agree she is fantastic, we just have different styles. 

And believe me when I tell you, any feedback I get could never be as bad as the voice inside my own head that tells me I’m crap!  

And see answer 8 above!!!

15.  What would you say has inspired you the most?

Well, I would have to say there are two things that have inspired me most.

The first thing  is starting this blog. I started this blog in August of 2012 with one multi chapter story I had written over 2 months during my summer break.  I was terrified everyday when my queue posted another chapter.  It’s inspiring to have taken that step, feeling the fear and terror of doing this and then doing it anyway. 

And then the second is the people I’ve met because I started this blog, the writers whose work I have been fortunate enough to follow and learn from and enjoy…. and most particularly sometimes be a part of (YOURS!!).   You are a constant source of inspiration.



✍ Finally, an ask-meme for writers! ✍
  • 01: When did you first start writing?
  • 02: What was your favorite book growing up?
  • 03: Are you an avid reader?
  • 04: Have you ever thrown a book across the room?
  • 05: Did you take writing courses in school/college?
  • 06: Have you read any writing-advice books?
  • 07: Have you ever been part of a critique group?
  • 08: What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
  • 09: What’s the worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten?
  • 10: What’s your biggest writer pet-peeve?
  • 11: What’s your favorite book cover?
  • 12: Who is your favorite author?
  • 13: What’s your favorite writing quote?
  • 14: What’s your favorite writing blog? c;
  • 15: What would you say has inspired you the most?
  • 16: How do you feel about movies based on books?
  • 17: Would you like your books to be turned into TV shows, movies, video games, or none?
  • 18: How do you feel about love triangles?
  • 19: Do you prefer writing on a computer or longhand?
  • 20: What’s your favorite writing program?
  • 21: Do you outline?
  • 22: Do you start with characters or plot?
  • 23: What’s your favorite & least favorite part of making characters?
  • 24: What’s your favorite & least favorite part of plotting?
  • 25: What advice would you give to young writers?
  • 26: Which do you enjoy reading the most: physical, ebook, or both?
  • 27: Which is your favorite genre to write?
  • 28: Which do you find hardest: the beginning, the middle, or the end?
  • 29: Which do you find easiest: writing or editing?
  • 30: Have you ever written fan-fiction?
  • 31: Have you ever been published?
  • 32: How do you feel about friends and close relatives reading your work?
  • 33: Are you interested in having your work published?
  • 34: Describe your writing space.
  • 35: What’s your favorite time of day for writing?
  • 36: Do you listen to music when you write?
  • 37: What’s your oldest WIP?
  • 38: What’s your current WIP?
  • 39: What’s the weirdest story idea you’ve ever had?
  • 40: Which is your favorite original character, and why?
  • 41: What do you do when characters don’t follow the outline?
  • 42: Do you enjoy making your characters suffer?
  • 43: Have you ever killed a main character?
  • 44: What’s the weirdest character concept you’ve ever come up with?
  • 45: What’s your favorite character name?
  • 46: Describe your perfect writing space.
  • 47: If you could steal one character from another author and make then yours, who would it be and why?
  • 48: If you could write the next book of any series, which one would it be, and what would you make the book about?
  • 49: If you could write a collaboration with another author, who would it be and what would you write about?
  • 50: If you could live in any fictional world, which would it be?
  •  This could be fun.

Worth a Thousand Words

Part 21 (the last bit) (nsfw)

“I lo…love you…” she said as she moved to look in his eyes again, breathless, panting, utterly lost in him.

He groaned and he leaned up and kissed her, he nuzzled her neck with his nose and his hands slid up and down her back. 

"Since when?" he asked her.

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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 20

Rebecka shook those thoughts away and locked her apartment up.  She drove to her Aunt and Uncles house and they fed her and listened to her and held her while she cried. She didn’t tell them that she was also crying because she missed Magnus, the police detective who had been with her for almost two weeks, who she was completely in love with even though she shouldn’t be and who she wouldn’t see again…she didn’t tell them that, but she cried harder.

They made her stay with them, in the guest room, and in the morning her Aunt Gunilla took her to the store and they bought food for her apartment, even though Rebecka didn’t want to go back there. 

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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 19

Magnus managed to sit down at the table, and he groaned as he rested back into the chair. 

He looked at Rebecka, still only illuminated by the outside light.

"I’m fine," he told her. "I’ve had worse."

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  • Teen Exchange:
    Rebecka is a studious student in America who hides her smarts behind a cheerleader persona, but when Magnus Martinsson, a Swedish exchange student comes to the school, he ends up drawing her out of that persona

  • Amnesia:
    Follow up on a drabble where Rebecka gets amnesia and forgets about meeting Magnus Martinsson, she tries to hide the fact as she attempts to discover who she is and why she loves him but he starts to notice that she’s different around him

  • After the War:
    image Magnus was sent to the war and he came back a broken man, Rebecka was a writer who became a teacher who began to teach music to shell shocked soldiers in the war to help them. 

  • Young love:
    Rebecka and Magnus met when they were teenagers and they fell in love and married, but when she gets accepted at a university in Stockholm and Magnus is at the academy and working in ystad, will the distance be too much for them?

  • Coffee shop:
    Magnus works at a restaurant as a chef and Rebecka works at a cafe just across, when Magnus walks in and discovers a new waitress sparks fly. 


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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 18 (nsfw)

“Yes, warmer…much warmer…” and she looked back up at him, opening her eyes and smiling at him, “ because of you…” and she lifted her chin to kiss him, softly on the lips.

"Henry would jump into the  bath with you if you tell him to," he said, "And believe me, it’s not something you want to have done."

His eyes were still closed as she kissed him and he smiled into her lips and he opened his eyes when she pulled away, Magnus smiled and he leaned down to kiss her again.

"Well it’s going to be a very,very cold night.”

He nuzzled into her.

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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 17

Rebecka reached up and hugged him tightly, inhaling him and closing her eyes as she stood up on her tip toes.

“I’m hungry.”

He blushed at her words and he nodded, kissing her again. 

"Next time."

Taking her to the table he sat her down and he started to busy himself with taking the food out and preparing it for her, he looked over at her and he smiled, biting his lip. 

"I hope you like it." 

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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 16 (NSFW)

"Mmm… and what else would you like to try first?"

Rebecka leaned into his kisses, closing her eyes and squeaking as his mouth moved on her skin.

“Ah…such a wonderful question…so many answers… in the bath with you,or me blindfolded…of maybe some chocolate and your body, or… you…outside, under the stars… “

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Worth a Thousand Words

Part 15

Rebecka tried not to react when he pulled over, she stayed still when he unleashed his barrage at her.  She didn’t look at him as she felt his words pierce her and then sting like an angry wasp.  There was a burning sensation that traveled through her body, starting in her extremities and radiating to her core as her lip quivered and she tried not to cry.

Her throat was threatening to close as tears rolled down her cheeks, and it was all she could do to not crumple into the seat and sob uncontrollably.  She raised a shaking, cold hand to her face, wiping away the tears but as soon as she wiped them away, they were replaced by more, and hotter, and more hopeless tears.

She didn’t see him like that, she didn’t think she treated him like that, but she couldn’t fight.  She missed her family, she missed her life, she missed the lonely feeling she had before him, because before him it was just lonely, now it was empty.

Rebecka nearly choked on her cries, but stayed silent.

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Worth a Thousand Words

A/N-  Sorry I’m so late in posting the rest of this story. You can read Parts 1-13 under the RolePlay link to the right. This picks up when Kurt calls Magnus back to Ystad but he decides to keep Rebecka at the Lake House for a little longer. (it’s long!)

Part 14

Rebecka drifted off to sleep finally only sleeping for 15 minutes though.  She could smell food cooking in the kitchen.

When she startled awake she  took a shower, letting the hot water soothe her aching body. 

Rebecka got dressed, out of his shirt that she had been wearing  the whole day previous and she made a mental note to wash it and give it back to him. 

She threw her wet hair into a bun on the back of her head.  She needed more coffee so she went downstairs to the kitchen.  She didn’t say anything to him, but smiled over at him as she got her coffee and turned to leave.

 He didn’t like her in the kitchen.

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Thank you so much for the drabble! I really wasn't expecting a story and was only half kidding when u said how come we didn't get to hear their stories. As usual, your drabbles have reduced me to a crying mess. It was so beautiful. I'm so happy for future Bags and glad that magnus still loves making breakfast for her :)

Awww!  Thank you for reading!  I love reading questions and comments about the threads.  Halma and I put a lot of time into them and we hope that people enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them.  Most questions about character and relationship are already answered in our minds as well.  This was an easy drabble to write!

 And I hope Magnus always loves making breakfast for her too! 

Telling Stories

A/N-  So I wrote this in response to a question that was asked of detektivmartinsson here.  This is how I see their lives unfolding. ♥

Rebecka was supposed to be asleep.  She should have been asleep.  Her body was exhausted and her mind was a jumbled mess.  It had been 48 hours with little to no sleep, an hour here, an hour there…and Magnus had taken off for a little while in the afternoon to take the baby to the doctor with her.  He had so much paperwork, having just finished a case, and somehow the paperwork always landed on his desk.

“But you are so good at it Magnus,” they would say, “You will do it right the first time, I always have to re do it…”  There were always new reasons why Magnus got stuck with the paperwork.  And Rebecka knew he was busy, so she did her best with the sick baby.

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I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.
The Neighbours Pool


At first Magnus thought it was a bad idea and it was a bad idea. But Ansgar was insistent and he had completely ignored Magnus’ pleas of not going into the rich neighbours pool, but Ansgar went in anyway.

"Come on Magnus, they’re all out of the house, no one’s using it anyway and it’s the middle of summer, it’s too hot in the house!"

But Magnus never went into the pool, Ansgar had his dates anyway and Magnus didn’t want to interrupt his brother. So Magnus never went into the rich neighbours pool in the summer and life went by as usual. 

It was in the Winter that Magnus finally got the guts.

No one really used the pool anyway and Ansgar was entertaining in town, it was his night off and he wanted to go for a swim. Magnus wasn’t the strongest swimmer, he never had been, but there was something about a heated pool in the middle of Winter that was alluring.

Except the pool hadn’t been heated that night.

"Fuuuck," Magnus said as he stepped into the water before sliding in completely. It was utterly cold and freezing, but the whole pool was his, so he risked the cold and he swam. 


Rebecka and her family had just arrived.  It was a small little holiday in the country, just a get away from the stress and havoc of city life.  But like everything, it hadn’t gone smoothly.  Her sister was grumpy, being torn away from her current douchbag of a boyfriend, her mother was still trying to work using only her phone and everywhere they could find wifi, and her father was sighing at his failed attempt to get the family out of its rut.

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